Initial Sign Up Registration Form

In order to utilize the ORISS invoicing application, your company needs to register. Contact the customer you wish to invoice and obtain the necessary information required to complete the registration form below. Simply fill out the registration information and submit. You will receive confirmation of your registration by e-mail.
If you plan to register with more than one railroad, please follow this process:
  1. Complete this registration process for your first railroad
  2. WAIT until you receive your user ID and password from Transentric
  3. Use your new user ID to log into the ORISS system
  4. Click on registration on the menu bar
  5. Go to customers and select an additional railroad
  6. Click on the create button
  7. You will be transferred to an additional registration screen. Please fill out the required information.
  8. You will be notified when the additional railroad has approved your registration.
* Indicates Required Field
*Indicates Required Field for the Invoice. These fields are not required for this Registration.
If you have chosen "Purchase Orders and Invoicing or Fuel Unlimited Invoicing only" as the Application Type, you are required to enter the following information.

Although either E-Mail or Fax is required, Transentric would like both.
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