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*****If you are using ORISS as a free service, please read this disclosure*****

ORISS was created to allow all suppliers to send EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) compliant invoices to the railroads. There are currently two free products offered:

  • ORISS invoice only: This product was intended to give suppliers who had low volume invoice needs the ability to send invoices.
  • ORISS fuel: This product was intended to give fuel suppliers who had a low volume of invoice needs the ability to send invoices.

Starting in early 2014, free ORISS account customers will be limited to 100 invoice transmissions per calendar year (January - December). Once the threshold of 100 invoices is met, free ORISS users will be asked to convert to an ORISS 'unlimited invoice' account, which is offered at $300 per year to continue invoicing. After reaching the 100 invoice threshold, free ORISS accounts will be prohibited from sending invoices through ORISS until the next calendar year OR the account is converted to an 'unlimited invoice' account. Unlimited accounts will also be provided with the ability to receive purchase orders if they are available.

In order to take advantage of being an ORISS unlimited customer, please follow the steps found below:

  1. Print, fill out, and fax this contract to 402-501-2984.
  2. Click here and fill out your billing information after logging in and click 'Update' when finished.
  3. Send an email to oriss.issues@transentric.com requesting to be switched to a full account.
  4. Allow Transentric two business days to process the new account.

Thank you,
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